Frequently Asked Questions

One to One is transparency, honesty, trust, peace of mind, and commitment.

¿Why do I have to fill in a form?

Our idea is to be your PERSONAL ASSISTANT and to give you 100% personalized attention from the very first minute. The more we know about your search, the easier it will be to find the property you are looking for.

¿What if I’m not sure what type of property I’m looking for?

You can tell us your idea, that’s what we are here for: to advise you. We know the market, whether it is residential or investment. We know which areas and which prototypes generate the highest returns and added value.

Does the personalized assistance service have any cost?

>strong>NONE. Our fees come from the intermediation so, once the sale is concluded, we charge our commission for intermediation which is included in the sale price.

¿How does the contact process work?

Once you submit your form an advisor will contact you to finalize details and start the search.

Depending on the type of project you want and the time it takes us to know more details about your search the process can take from 2 to 5 days.

We will then send you the first draft with a selection of developments with basic information. If you’re not satisfied with any of these developments in this collection, we will continue narrowing the search with a more specific selection until we find the property you are looking for.

¿Can you offer developments not listed in your website?

Yes. If you find a project that is not on our website and you like it, we contact the developer, analyze it and send you all the information about it (as long as it meets the standards of security and legal certainty that we have as a policy)What happens once I decide to buy through One to One?

Once you have chosen the property you want to buy, we will guide you throughout the whole purchase process. Although we suggest our clients to have their own trusted lawyer, we dispose of a specialized team of lawyers trained and dedicated to real estate matters, who support us in the review of contracts.

What happens after I purchase a pre-sale property?

Once the contracts have been signed, in the case of pre-sales, we will follow up on the progress of the work and keep you informed by sending you progress reports periodically and supporting you during the time of the work until the title deeds are signed.
Can you support me if I need a mortgage credit?
Yes, we work together with mortgage advisors who will give you the best options and support you during the process of obtaining credit.

I am an ex-pat, can I purchase a property in the Riviera Maya and its surroundings?

Yes. Although a restriction applies to foreigners who want to directly acquire property in Riviera Maya and the coastal area, there are other ways to accomplish it. Our recommendation is to do it through a Representative Trust with a Bank.

But don’t worry, we will help you with that too.

What makes One to One stand out?

At One to One, all consultants are accredited, licensed and meet the requirements and training that all real estate brokers/promoters are required to have by the Quintana Roo State Law for the Provision of Real Estate Services.

We understand that clients put in our hands the fruit of their labor, perhaps even their lifetime efforts, and it is our primary objective to provide them with professional service, constant training, and to be up to the task of the type of business we are brokering.

“The purchase of the apartment I made in Residential Ald in Playa del Carmen was an interesting and satisfactory experience. I received only adequate and timely information with personalized attention from Estefania, who was attentive to consolidate the purchase”.
Jesús & Elsa

Happy Clients

“Thank you for helping us so much in this process! This is the first time we have bought a property in the Riviera Maya, and we are glad we chose a professional service. I think we saved a lot of time and money. Thanks again!”


Alejandra & César

Happy Clients

The smart way to invest in real estate

One to One is transparency, honesty, trust, peace of mind, and commitment.
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